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Multidirectional speakers for immersive environments

15 Mar 2021
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The Metalab presents Audiodice, a prototype spatialized sound system with multidirectional speakers for the creation of immersive environments.

Designed by the Metalab, the SAT's R&D lab, the Audiodice system is a set of 12-sided multidirectional speakers, developed to create immersive navigation experiences in a real or virtual sound environment, with total freedom of movement and orientation in space.

The Audiodice sound system was created as part of the ICSA and SAV+R projects, initiated in 2019 by the Metalab, and financially supported by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. ICSA aims to promote the development of immersion in any type of place. SAV+R aims to study and implement a complete acoustic simulation workflow for immersive spaces. These projects are part of one of the Metalab's first missions: the development of video, audio and authoring tools for the creation of immersive environments.

At the SAT, we have a unique space for sound immersion: the Satosphere. We receive requests from our partners to bring and adapt this immersive experience in other places, which are not necessarily equipped with multichannel sound systems, in particular for immersion. This is how the idea was born to design a spatialized sound system, rich enough to allow immersive audio navigation and to offer a sound experience that goes beyond the stereophonic dimension. We have produced our own prototype speaker which has twelve channels and allows the sound channels to be configured in order to reproduce accurately the spatialization of sound emissions. The sound system is compatible with SATIE, our audio spatialization software, and remains mobile, easy and quick to install.

While the listeners are usually surrounded by the sound system, these new speakers allow them to move freely around sound sources, and approach them to hear them more clearly. By inviting the viewer to move around the speakers, the audio spatialization is offered according to an inverted paradigm, opening up new perspectives for sound and immersive scenography..

Immersive experience: Zack Settel, Nicolas Bouillot, Michal Seta
Audiodice: Nicolas Bouillot, Patrick Dupuis, Pierre-Antoine Chesnel, Michal Seta & Metalab


This project benefits from the financial support of the ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation.