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From September 1 to October 2
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Cloud Harp (1997-2004)

Meteo-electronic installation for laser and computers.
Collection of the artist.
Conçu et réalisé par / Created by: Nicolas Reeves, École
de Design de l’ UQAM, avec la participation de / with Guillaume Crédoz,
Ateliers-U. Résidence SAT Residency.



Nicolas Reeves studied in Quebec, in France and in the USA. An architect
and professor at UQAM, he is also the head of the NXI GESTATIO Design Lab for
research and creation in Computer Science, Architecture and Design, and is in
charge of the “Immersive Environments and Interactivity” program
at the Montréal Institute for Advanced Studies in New Media. His dual
training in Physics (Université de Montréal, 1985) and Architecture
(MIT, 1988) can be seen through all of his works and research; it allows him
to develop an architectural and artistic practice intimately connected with
his knowledge of the physical environment, computer science, and music. He has
lectured and presented his work in many countries including Canada, the USA,
Germany, Poland, France, Australia and Lebanon.



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