ORANGE, the contemporary Art Event of Saint-Hyacinthe invits you to an encounter between contemporary art and the agri-food sector!

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ORANGE, the meetine between contemporary art and agribusiness!

This year ORANGE is presenting its third edition. Six years have passed since the first edition, when audiences of the day were caught unawares by the originality of its concept: an encounter between contemporary art and the agri-food sector. This new edition of ORANGE, focused as always on creating a laboratory for the ideas of artists who address our connections to the agri-food sector, will take place from 11 September to 25 October and will feature artists from Quebec, the rest of Canada, the United States and Austria.

The agri-food sector is an abundant topic for anyone wishing to explore its various aspects. The production, transformation, distribution and consumption of foodstuffs contain, for example, an undeniable socio-political and economic dimension. There are in addition countless attitudes towards food and eating – some of them quite bizarre – which go beyond physiological needs and enter into cultural, religious, ritual, psychological and other realms. Over the years, when preparing this singular triennial, we have also remarked that those artists who are interested in various aspects of the agri-food sector are also interested in the ethical issues associated with the topic. They challenge viewers to consider whether we should not change the way we produce and consume food, whether our way of cultivating the earth in the twenty-first century is not weakening the environment and threatening its equilibrium, whether our way of raising animals should not be reconsidered. In the context of today’s discussions and concerns around global warming and the risk of pandemics, these artists place their ideas at the centre of daily life and current events.

Presented artists

  • Thierry Arcand-Bossé
  • Griffith Aaron Baker
  • Dean Baldwin
  • Ron Benner
  • Michel Boulanger
  • Cosimo Cavallaro
  • Cédule 40
  • Daniel Corbeil
  • Nikolaus Geyrhalter
  • Joseph Kohnke
  • Simon-Pier Lemelin
  • Shelly Low
  • Troy David Ouellette

From september 11th to october 25th

Monday : closed
Tuesday to friday : 10h à 17h
Saturday and sunday : 13h à 17h

A free shuttle bus will be available between Montreal and Saint-Hyacinthe for the opening night on september 11th, at 6pm to the Frontenac metro station. It will be back to Montreal around 11pm.

Opening of ORANGE at :

EXPRESSION : 495, avenue Saint-Simon
LE DUCHAMP : au coin des rues Saint-Denis et des Cascades Ouest
LE DUCLOS : 1298, rue des Cascades Ouest

For all details : www.expression.qc.ca/orange/ouverture.html

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