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David “Boots” Bouthillier, PRIM (Independent Productions Achievements of Montreal) and the SAT are proud to announce that the PEACE PARK movie is now available on!

Professional skateboarder, David Boots has been following his passion for skateboarding at Peace Park (place de la Paix) for the last 20 years. PEACE PARK is his first feature length documentary film, which shows an uncensored insider’s perspective of the communities that frequent the park and their struggle to survive Montreal’s attempts to gentrify its red-light district. It explores the ways the city and corporate interests view the people in the park, and looks at the way the two communities (the lifers and the skateboarders) manage to share the space through tolerance and respect.

Before the film was completed it played in the Focus competition of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema (2013) while it was still a work in progress. Since the completing of the film, it has had much success, playing in several festivals and countries, and was translated in 3 languages: English, French, and Spanish. It was the premiere of the Peace Park documentary in the park that helped the Boots and the SAT legalize skateboarding at the place de la Paix.

« One of my intentions is for the viewer to understand why individuals find a sense of community and belonging there, and how each group claims the public space. While making the PEACE PARK documentary, I’ve been in life threatening situations, been handcuffed, and been given over $8 000 in tickets. During the thirteen years it took to make the movie I filtered through over 1000 hours of striking images. There are moments which are touching but the footage is shocking and reflects a harsh reality.»
- David Boots

In the background of social and urban problems, the film mixes images of today and archives, crosses the ages to offer us a film of more than disturbing realism: a work that shows and demonstrates the best and the worst of humans.

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David Boots - Director / 514-550-5440

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