Motus Domum Residency

Résidence Motus Domum en collaboration avec le Metalab


Motus Domum Residency

The video documents an early prototype for a hybrid music/dance performance venue combining in-situ and cloud-based performers and audiences. This proof-of-concept experience, developed during the residency, will serve in subsequent development/creation efforts for the production of the artistic experience: “Motus Domum”, set for 2023.  

  • Conception, Music, Technology: Zack Settel
  • Conception & Dance: Peter Trosztmer
  • Conception & Technology: Osman Zeki
  • Dancer: Alida E-mail

The team behind Motus Domum would like to thank the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], Agora de la Danse, and Tangente Danse for their support in this collaboration.

Thanks as well to the Canada Council for the Arts, and the CALQ (Quebec Council of Arts and Letters).

Finally, thanks to the SAT’s Labodome and MetaLab teams for their support and contributions during the residency.

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