The SAT announces its artists residency program for 2023-24

The Society for Arts and Technology is pleased to announce the artists who will join its 2023-24 residency program starting this April. Between collective immersion, hybridization and interactivity, it is through 21 creative projects from our last call that these artists will have the opportunity to experiment, develop and advance the field of immersive arts alongside our teams, opening the way to new and striking experiences.


Following a meticulous evaluation process, our interdisciplinary selection committee, composed of SAT experts and guests from the local artistic community, was able to identify these 21 projects from no less than 171 applications, each one richer than the last, that were sent to us from all over the world. Local projects were also very well represented among the projects received, with no less than 52% being Canadian projects, over 90% of which were based in Quebec.

Through immersive film, performance and installation projects, the work of each of the selected artists stands out for its richness and boldness. Between collective immersion, free software, hybridization and extended realities, they explore, redefine and sometimes question the technological tool, without losing sight of the cultural, social and creative issues that are at the source of their respective artistic practices.

Selected artists

We welcome these artists to our residency program and invite you to discover their work in our upcoming activities. We would also like to acknowledge the many artists who have responded to our call.

We would also like to thank our partners MUTEK, CultVR and IDFA Doclab for their invaluable support to this program, as well as the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec.

About the SAT Residency Program

The Art Creation Program at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is open to artists and scientists interested in issues related to exploratory research in the fields of digital media and ground-breaking artistic creation.

The SAT’s research-creation approach is transdisciplinary and transprofessional: it encourages all disciplines, know-hows, and abilities, to contribute to the evolution of creative processes leading to strong and original artworks. Each project is unique and must contribute to the emergence of exemplary forms of digital culture and develop the economy that will enable the growth of a strong and structured creative class that can shine internationally.

Lastly, the SAT’s Art Creation Program encourages the creators-in-residence to get in touch and be attuned with our time’s major issues and challenges.

Myriam Ménard

Antilogy — susy.technology. Performance immersive, 2022.

Myriam Ménard

Courants d’espace — V.ictor, Sleeprunner, Gazebo, Georgi Patchouli. Performance immersive, 2022.

Myriam Ménard

État six — collectif NAME. Film immersif, 2022.

Sébastien Roy

corps minéral — le désert mauve. Performance immersive, 2021.

Ash KG - www.subtletherapy.com

ENN — Maria Takeuchi. Expérience interactive, 2023.

Ash KG - www.subtletherapy.com

CLOUD BODIES — Allison Moore, Arthur Desmarteaux, Lucy Fandel. Performance immersive, 2023.

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