((( send + receive ))) : a festival of sound is seeking submissions!

They now welcomes submissions for their anual fest!

((( send + receive ))) : a festival of sound

Send + receive is an international audio art festival that advances the discipline of sound art, and is one of the few annual media arts festivals in North America focusing exclusively on sound-based work. It has become an invaluable opportunity for showcasing the innovative work of Manitoban, Canadian and international artists. send + receive addresses the need for a critical and intimate platform for audio art. With feedback from the public, collaborating arts groups, and artists, send + receive meets the creative and technical needs of professional artists.

They are currently accepting submissions for our February 28th deadline!
send + receive showcases current and newly emerging areas of investigation in a variety of forms including live performance, radio, web-based projects, internet streaming projects, sound poetry, installations, film and video screenings, workshops, and panel discussions – all with ‘sound’ as the fundamental element.
send + receive now welcomes submissions throughout the year for consideration in our future programming.

For access to our submission form go to: www.sendandreceive.org

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