Session of light therapy in the Quartier des spectacles

Three new outdoor lighting installations are presented in the Quartier des spectacles this winter!

Session of light therapy in the Quartier des spectacles

You’re invited to experience a session of light therapy in the Quartier des spectacles. Three new outdoor lighting installations, Sphères polaires, Projections monumentales, and Champ de pixels, will join the many events at the 80 cultural venues that already bring year-round activity the Quartier des spectacles.

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Sphères polaires

Three families of giant spheres, three different experiences of the same subject: winter. Composed of different sources of light, from the most ancient to the most contemporary, Sphères polaires is an installation that generates sound and images in response to your movements. Come and leave your mark in the black and snowy Montreal sky by interacting with 25 giant spheres that explore three themes: winter games, winter light and the urban winter.

December 15 to February 27
Place des Festivals and Place des Arts esplanade

Projections monumentales

Montreal’s tallest church tower will transform itself into a luminous laboratory. For nearly three months, you can rediscover this part of Montreal’s heritage thanks to the many creators who will project their video art onto the façade of this former church. They’ll come one after the other: L’Acte Lumière and Congo bleu with their joyful graphics, students from the UQAM École des medias with their interactive and generative experience, Novalux with their playful and festive transformation, Oli Sorenson with a popular and contemporary projection and not to mention the NFB with its critical, social contribution.

December 15 to March 5
The Saint-Jacques Church tower, part of the Pavillion Judith-Jasmin at UQAM

Champ de pixels

After your mandatory snow angels, you’ll have a new winter ritual: drawing paths of light through the Champ de pixels. To light it up this year, we’ll need your thighs. Yes, you read that correctly: hop on the Bixi bicycles set up next to the installation and help power the 300 light fixtures. Put in 15 solid minutes on the bike, and your energy will light the whole square for 30 minutes! Afterward, you can turn red pixels white by strolling around the installation.

December 15 to February 9
Place Émilie-Gamelin

For more details, visit the Quartier des spectacles‘s web site or their Facebook page.

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