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call for project souk @ sat ::: take 3


sat ::: society for arts and technology

address ::: 1195, boul. saint-laurent (between rené-lévesque  & sainte-catherine)

web ::: www.sat.qc.ca


thursday, december 8 ::: opening cocktail from 5pm to 7pm (exclusive to the media, friends of the sat & participating artists)

friday, december 9 & saturday 10  ::: from 12pm to 9pm (open to the public)

sunday, december 11 ::: from 12pm to 5pm (open to the public)

installation date ::: thursday, december 8, from 6am to 4pm

strike-out dates ::: sunday, december 11 (after 5pm) and monday, december 12 (from 9am to 10am)



goal :::

  • reunite montreal’s creators from various horizons in the same space
  • to offer them a venue to sell their works as part of a free event, accessible to anyone
  • to propose montreal’s new creations to a clientele that’s curious and seeks to make discoveries
  • to make contemporary creations from montreal accessible to all wallets
  • installation :::
  • to recreate an environment that evokes a loft-apartment style inside the sat

rooms :::

  • living room
  • dinning room
  • bedroom – adult
  • bedroom – child
  • walk-in closet
  • studio
  • lounge
  • powder-room
  • bathroom

room divisions :::

  • large see-through screens (in fabrics) will divide the rooms

tems to propose :::

  • everything we can find in an apartment
  • ::: accessories ::: drinks ::: calendars ::: greeting cards ::: design ::: limited editions ::: games ::: books ::: furniture ::: fashion ::: music ::: posters ::: pictures ::: sculptures ::: paintings ::: visuals ::: live works are welcome :::etc

ambiance :::

  • café-bar open daily
  • as well as music…

planning :::

  • souk @ sat provides displays for your items
  • presentation of the creations to be sold must be approved by souk @ sat
  • planning and lighting provided by souk @ sat
  • free storing spaces available on site
  • all purchases are payable at the central cash-desk

fees taken care of by souk @ sat:::

  • set-up of the venue (technicians)
  • promotion (flyers, posters…)
  • security
  • cleaning

fees not taken care of by souk @ sat :::

  • souk @ sat does not provide bags or wrappings for sold items
  • souk @ sat offers bags and wrappings for sale at the cash-desk
  • souk @ sat is not responsible for losses and damages that may occur during the event
  • each creator must provide at least one person in charge of the presentation and sale of their works
  • souk @ sat is not in charge of the transportation of goods before and after the event


items / works :::

  • the submitted creations must either be: useful, decorative or artistic. And they must absolutely have a reason to be found in an apartment.
  • possibility to collaborate with other artists for the production of a work

space to be filled :::

  • the size of your items and souk @ sat will determine the space you will occupy. the space allowed to the creators is theirs. inviting other creators to share their space is prohibited

sales and pricing :::

  • revenues go directly to the creators
  • the artists determine themselves the prices of the items, taking into account that 15 % of their total revenue will be given to souk @ sat as well as the visa – mastercard – interac transaction fees.
  • suggested pricing ::: for all wallets

promotional material ::: 

  • business cards, look-books, catalogues, visuals, portfolio, and press kit


registration fees :::

  • $ 25 for the participating artists

how to pay the registration fees :::

  • on friday, december 2, 2005 (cash only)

contribution by the creators :::

  • 15 % of their total revenue

access to paying machines   :::

  • interac and credit cards services are available at the sat
  • transaction fees are of 15c per interac transaction and of 3,5% for credit cards (visa and master card)

method of  payment (for sales) :::

  • friday, december 16, 2005. Please do make sure to give your full name or the full name of your company in advance to the souk @ sat team (to receive your cheque)
  • 15 % will be automatically deducted from your total sales figures
  • interac and credit card fees will be automatically removed from your sales


flyers :::

  • 6000 copies in color (distributed all over montreal as of friday, november 25)

posters :::

  • available upon request

mailing-list :::

  • 5500 people (sat)

site web :::

  • links to ::: www.sat.qc.ca

medias :::

  • media coverage through newspapers, radio and television networks

guide and selection criteria

participation and selection criteria :::

  • the required criteria are the excellence of the work, on all levels: aestheticism, creativity, innovation, and technical mastering.
  • the priority will be given to creators whose work demonstrate a personal style, a desire to question their art form and to push its limits.
  • to be an acknowledged creator (established artist, in mid-career, at the beginning of a career or a student)
  • to provide a file with all the submission requirements (see “submission of projects”)
  • to present original works or “authentic” reproductions
  • the resale of goods is forbidden
  • imported items are forbidden
  • submissions by manufacturers, distributors and importers are not eligible

submission of projects :::

  • required information ::: name / addresses / company / tel / cell / fax / e-mail / web-site
  • curriculum vitae (description of past and current experience related to artistic professions)
  • a minimum of 5 visual documents presenting the artist’s works is required (drawing, sketch, digital or printed photographs, look-book, articles in newspapers or magazines, any other pertinent document featuring the submitted works)
  • to not send original works, only copies
  • brief description of the submitted works accompanied by a description of the materials used to created them
  • deadline ::: saturday, november 19, 2005, 6pm

how to submit :::

  • e-mail ::: [email protected]
  • mail ::: SAT, 1195 boul. saint-laurent, cp 1083 succursale desjardins  H5B 1C2
  • during souk @ sat’s open door session ::: saturday, november 19, from 4pm to 6pm at SAT – 1195, boul. saint-laurent
  • submissions sent via fax will not be accepted

study of the projects :::

  • a committee of professionals chosen for their specialized skills will evaluate the submissions

admission of the candidates :::

  • the candidates whose submission will be accepted will be contacted via e-mail tuesday, november 22, before midnight
  • the candidates whose submission were not accepted will not be contacted
  • the results are final


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