teleCHACHA between Montreal and Barcelona

February 26, 2004 – The telepresence application teleCHACHA successfully demonstrated its capabilites and quality of bi-directional video transmission in a two hour conference between SAT (Montreal) and the Polytecnic University of Barcelona (UPC) and its network i2cat.net (Spain).

Using 30Mb(full duplex) on the canadian research network CA*net 4, the teleCHACHA application, developped by the SAT aRt&D research group in the Open Territoires project funded by Heritage Canada and its New Media Research Networks Fund, allowed several respresentatives of Forum 2004, of the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) and of the Art Futura arts festival, to join discussions on exchanges and Canadian digital art performances planned in 2004 in Barcleona.

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