The SAT at MUTEK Forum 2023

MUTEK Forum returns for its ninth edition from August 22 to 25 in Montreal, with four days of conferences, presentations, panels, round tables, master classes and workshops.

The SAT is pleased to participate with a panel on the challenges and opportunities of open source software, as well as a workshop on the production of ephemeral immersive spaces. With its mission to democratize the arts and technologies, SAT is delighted to be able to share the expertise of its teams to create a space conducive to creation and innovation.


PANEL | Open source software, an ethical and responsible alternative: challenges and opportunities

Open source software, an ethical and responsible alternative: challenges and opportunities

Tuesday August 22, 2:30pm_3:30pm

With Pía Baltazar (SAT), Valerian Denis, Sarah Libersan, Navid Navab. 

Location: Les 7 Doigts de la main

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Reflecting on the opportunities and limits of open source software, as well as discussions on its uses in the context of artistic and cultural creation, this interdisciplinary panel opens the discussion on the alternative model that represents open source software. What are the opportunities offered by open source software? What benefits can users expect from it? What are the challenges and obstacles to its adoption?



WORKSHOP | Deploying Ephemeral Immersive Spaces

Deploying Ephemeral Immersive Spaces

Tuesday August 22, 4:15pm_5:45pm

With Eduardo Meneses (SAT)

Location: Les 7 Doigts de la main

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How can visual artists critically address emerging technologies while becoming increasingly dependent on their use? In recent years, the democratization of immersive experiences in various artistic contexts has gone hand in hand with the development of paid software, depriving some artists of the opportunity to experiment with these new tools. The open-source movement, on the contrary, offers an alternative path that presents certain opportunities and challenges.

This workshop is aimed at art researchers, artists, designers, content creators and other creatives interested in creating immersive spaces. This workshop will be an opportunity to discover various open-source software developed by SAT’s research and development laboratory, the Metalab. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the principles of open-source software, as well as how to use some of them for different artistic tasks – from sound spatialization and video mapping to motion detection and interactivity.

This workshop is a short version of a 2-day training course offered by Metalab’s researchers. Especially designed for SIGGRAPH 2023, this new 1.5-hour format will be offered exceptionally to MUTEK Forum participants. This training session includes a presentation and demonstration of open-source tools and their functionalities, as well as a period of experimentation in the immersive space. No prerequisites required.



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