Third annual edition of the Libre Graphics Meeting

The LGM is one of the most important conference in the world in the field of graphic applications. It brings together developers and users of the best of free software graphics applications like GIMP, Krita, Inskcape, OpenClip Art, Scribus, Blender and others.

The thrid edition of Libre Graphics Meeting, will be held in Wroclaw, Poland from May 8 to 11 2008.


LGM is all about participation. Artists and developers, feel free to bring your laptops and show us what you can (and can’t yet) do. Organise a BOF about your favourite project or feature. We’re aiming for a bazaar.

Libre Graphics Meeting is free to attend, and open to all. See LGM 2007 in Montréal to know what you can expect in Wrocław.

In its third edition, the organization needs your help! You can support your favorite graphics application, and ensure that the travel costs of as many volunteer developers as possible are paid to ensure that this edition of the conference is more successful that its predecessors.

LGM brings together developers and users of the best of free software graphics applications…

The largest city in western Poland has a population of nearly 650 000. Laying on the banks of the Odra, it is a unique city situated on 12 islands linked by 112 bridges. It is the Lower Silesia Region’s administrative economic and cultural capital. Wrocław is a city with a thousand-year history, inviting visitors from around the world by its cultural and academic life. It also aims to be innovation center of Poland.

LGM 2008 venue is provided by Wrocław University of Technology

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