(TOT) Open Territories Project


The Open Territories project aims to foster the emergence of innovative forms of cultural expression by engaging the creativity of a new generation of artists and creators, in whose hands will be placed a host of advanced interface and networking technologies. A network of partners will enable the scientific, artistic and cultural communities to gather together to address issues of creation, dissemination and development of new audiences. Accordingly to its mandate, the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) together with its network of institutional and private partners, will be able to open the broadband network environment to talented creators who are ideally placed to illustrate broadband’s potential as a means of avant-garde cultural expression. To accomplish this goal, the SAT intends to focus its energies on the development of three creative platforms to be deployed on the Canadian broadband network, which the SAT will then put at the disposal of various creators. The three platforms are:

IP streaming video and mulitichannel audio
IP telepresence (point-to-point and multi-point)
Transmission of immersive audio-visual environments over IP networks


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