A new chef for the Labo culinaire Foodlab

The SAT is happy to announce the arrival of chef Timothée Vielajus and his team at the Labo culinaire Foodlab on March 12!

A graduate of the Institut de Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec , Timothée Vielajus distinguishes himself by a rich career for his young age. An autodidact when he arrived in Montreal 6 years ago, he learned the rudiments of gastronomy at restaurant Les Trois Petits Bouchons , and became a cook at Fillettes. He began his training a the ITHQ while working simultaneously in the kitchens at La Salle à manger, Candide and the French Michelin-starred Le Fanal abefore becoming sous-chef at Chez l’épicier in 2018. He will now develop and share his culinary creations at the Labo culinaire Foodlab, within the ecosystem of the Society for Arts and Technology!

“I am happy to arrive in an environment where I will have space to create and experiment with new recipes with my team, and where the proximity of audiovisual arts will promote interesting exchanges between audiences and practices!” Timothée Vielajus stated.

Timothée’s cuisine is at once rich, refined, comforting and responsible. Continuing the partnerships with local producers, he is committed to preserving the biodiversity of ingredients by connecting with programs like Gardiens de semences, and collaborating with organisations such as Fermes Urbaines Ôplant.

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