The Upgrade! Montreal: November 25th, 2004: Michelle Kasprzak

{{November Upgrade: Michelle Kasprzak
Thursday, the 25th of November, 2004, 6-11:30pm}}

A monthly gathering of artists, curators and lovers of new media and digital culture in Montréal. Free ! Proposals for future presentations welcome. Open to everyone.

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1800h : Musique ambiance de techno-turntablist tobias c. van Veen
1900h : Présentation de Michelle Kasprzak
2030h : Musique ambiance de techno-turntablist tobias c. van Veen
2130h : mix_sessions avec Timbral Fresco
2330h : Fin !

{{Michelle Kasrpzak : Abstract}}
The current generation of location-specific media is providing ways for people to interact with, annotate, and perhaps overtake, their surroundings. McLuhan stated that “we now live in a technologically prepared environment that blankets the earth itself”, and the impact of this layer of technology is being felt most profoundly in cities. Artists, technologists, historians, and activists are creating dynamic systems for information exchange among urban dwellers, enabling them to participate in a new kind of urban life. Through innovative use of existing infrastructures such as cellphone networks, wireless internet access, and the Global Positioning System, creators of all types are changing our level of participation with our cities and with each other. The growth of location-specific media in urban space is becoming a force that will extend our capacity for preserving the past and present, and envisioning the future. Using my work and the work of select colleagues as case studies, I will analyze the interactions that will we have with the growing network of media spaces embedded in our cities, discuss how will we transform our spatial and social awareness using a combination of mobile technology and urban infrastructure, and expose the opportunities for surprise and delight that location-specific media in our urban spaces provide.

{{Bio :}}
Michelle Kasprzak is an award-winning artist, writer and lecturer. She is currently an M.A. candidate in the École des Arts Visuels et Médiatiques at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her study of performance art and technology at the Master’s level is complimented by her concurrent teaching career and independent research. As adjunct faculty for the Canadian Film Centre’s new media programmes, she designs and delivers curriculum that addresses the most recent creative applications of new technologies. Michelle is also currently a member of the Mobile Digital Commons Network, a cross-disciplinary research group funded by Heritage Canada for the purpose of investigating the transformation of public space through the development and deployment of location-specific content. Since winning the InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre Emerging Electronic Artist award in her early career, Michelle has proceeded to exhibit her work and present performances across North America and Europe. She has been featured in numerous publications and on radio and television broadcasts syndicated worldwide.


tobias c. van Veen
Coordinator, The Upgrade! Montreal
tobias @ sat . qc . ca

Shabana Ali
Assistant coordinator, The Upgrade! Montreal
shabana @ sat . qc . ca

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