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Virginie Picard, a new chef for the Labo culinaire

31 Aug 2021
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The SAT is pleased to announce the nomination of its new chef, Virginie Picard, who will be replacing chef Timothée Vielajus, as head of kitchen of the Labo culinaire. To celebrate this transition, both chefs have planned a collaborative 8 course tasting menu (suitable for any type of diet) that will be available on Friday September 10th only.

« I thank, from the bottom of my heart, the SAT and the Labo culinaire’s team, with whom I’ve had the exceptional pleasure to collaborate with over the past two years. I am honoured to see my longtime colleague and exceptional young chef, Virginie Picard, take over the kitchen, as it has been a priority for me to promote an inclusive work environment and I have no doubt Virginie is the right person to pursue this mission and bring the Labo culinaire to the next step. » - Timothée Vielajus.

In the name of the entire SAT we thank Chef Timothée Vielajus for his remarkable work and dedication to the Labo culinaire. He will continue his collaboration with the SAT through new projects that will soon be unveiled.

International cuisine and gastronomy graduate of the l’Institut de Tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ)Virginie Picard found her place behind the stove at the age of 14 as she worked in various pizza shops and snack bars in the Mirabel region. Prior to joining the Labo culinaire team in 2019, Virginie started out in renowned restaurants such as La Récolte Espace Local and Chez l’épicier. Since then, she has participated in the 2020 edition of Les Chefs on Radio-Canada.

Passionate about Quebec's natural resources, Virginie is fond of harvesting wild products. She regularly travels across the province to discover new products and new culinary techniques. Therefore it is in a spirit of continuity with the restaurant's “farm-to-table” philosophy that she will continue to maintain close ties with regional producers, notably with the Coop de fil en légumes, Récolte de la Rouge and 400 pieds de champignon

, allowing her to develop seasonal menus following local harvests whilst offering a responsible and refined cuisine.

« Over the past years the Labo culinaire has offered me so many opportunities as I had just gotten out of the ITHQ when Thimothée offered me to join the team. After two and a half years in the kitchen, it is now my turn to take the reins of the kitchen of the SAT’s restaurant. It is with great pride and excitement that I am taking on this challenge. » - Virginie Picard.

The Labo culinaire’s new team will be completed with Kim Urbain at the sommelierie and Étienne Cloutier-Mongeau as head bartender.

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