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The women behind the Labo culinaire

24 Nov 2021
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The women behind the Labo culinaire

A huge step towards a more inclusive kitchen


The Labo culinaire is proud to announce that its staff is now composed of 80% women! Our chef Virginie Picard emphasizes her strong desire to create a safer space for women, who often find themselves alone as line cooks.

"When the opportunity arose to build my own kitchen team, I had only one idea in mind: to create an environment where we would all feel good.

As being a cook also means spending a lot of time with your colleagues, i sought out people who shared this vision and desire to create an environment where all would feel included, at ease, listened to and important.

Today, I consider myself lucky to work alongside Émilie, Johanna, Dally and Emmaelle. We form a complementary team where we all have the freedom to participate equally in the creation of dishes in both a respectful and cheerful atmosphere." Chef Virginie Picard

In this sens, the idea is not to create an exclusively feminine kitchen, or to value gender over skills. However, this transition does allow a reversal of the typical paradigms and dynamics of life in the kitchen and grants us the freedom to work in a space that is free of judgements and preconceptions.

"Worldwide, less then 5% of (Michelin) starred chefs are women. The 2019 ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the world included only 5 held by women. At the 2019 edition of the Bocuse d'or, the Olympics of gastronomy, there were only 2 women out of 24 participating chefs and its jury included only 1 woman out of 24 chefs." Catherine Lefebvre, Le Devoir