YOU ARE HERE, a 360° exhibition of Luc Courchesne

YOU ARE HERE, an immersive installation conceived by Luc Courchesne, now at BMO Project Room in Toronto !

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If you go in Toronto during next months, take the opportunity to discover YOU ARE HERE, an exhibition realized by Luc Courchesne for the BMO (Bank of Montréal) Project Room. The media artist conceived an installation using photography, computer 3-D software, and a 360 degree projection system to enable visitors to travel in three dimensions in and outside the walls of the room, without taking a step !

Upon entry to the space, visitors see a series of six panoramic images on the wall to the right. These offer a views of different locations in and around the BMO’s 68th floor and beyond in the downtown Toronto landscape. Visitors can explore a virtual 3D world that stretches beyond the project room in all directions via an hemispheric projection screen occupying the center of the space.

Virtually present in the Project Room, the artist will act as a gatekeeper or a facilitator with the visitors in the exhibition. Through a simple process of questions and answers, he may be asked to give directions and operating instructions, to explain the work, or to briefly discuss his intentions.

With this installation, which is both classical in its form and radical in the viewing experience it offers, Luc Courchesne puts to use the technologies he has developed to try to refine the experience of art and challenge the supremacy of the white cube (the gallery) and black box (video) that are typically used as contexts for modern and contemporary art.

January 27 – November 30, 2011
BMO Financial Services
BMO, 77 King street, 68th floor, Toronto.
Visit by appointment only

For information and reservation : 416 643 2609 or on www.youarehere2011.info

Creation Team

  • Concept, design, scenario, direction, production, photography, soundscape : Luc Courchesne
  • System architecture, programming, interface design : Mike Wozniewski
    Additional programming and design : Gideon May, Alexandre Quessy, Tristan Matthews, Samuel Vermette, Zack Settel
  • 3D modelization : David Duguay
  • Additional photography : Dominic PAaquin
  • Character video recording and keying : Dominique Saint-Amant and Olivier Rhéaume

Project commissioned by BMO Financial Services, created in collaboration with the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], with support from Université de Montréal.

For more details, you can also visit Luc Courchesne’ site.

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