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[SAT] Scalable Haptic Floor

21 Sep 2018

Working toward a larger scale floor for the Satosphère (250m2), we developed a first prototype of the [SAT] haptic floor. It is controlled either by the sound or by directly setting the height of each vertex of the floor.

When controlled by sound, the floor is considered as a spatialized audio device: a sound source can go around audio speakers and then under to floor, which makes it react to the sound and its position. A single section is shown in this prototype, but it is designed to be multiplied to fit a whole room (or an immersive space).
The floor is controlled by SATIE and switcher, respectively the sound spatialization engine and the low latency multichannel streaming engine, both developed at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT].

This prototype is a collaboration between the Society for Arts and Technology and D-Box.


[SAT] Scalable Haptic Floor from Metalab | SAT on Vimeo.