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Simultaneous and Adaptive Collaborative Immersion

SAT metalab has been following two research projects simultaneously since August 2019. The first is a direct continuation of the previous project and is entitled Simultaneous and Adaptive Collaborative Immersion (ICSA, in French). It focuses on facilitating the implementation of multi-user immersive experiences by addressing several issues:

  •     audio and video calibration of immersive spaces, to automate the determination of speaker/video projector characteristics and their position in the space
  •     deployment of immersive spaces, to reduce the hardware impact of an immersive space by moving the rendering phases to the cloud.
  •     content creation, to adapt immersive content to the immersive space and develop contactless modes of interactivity

Capture, processing and reproduction of the acoustics of real or virtual spaces

The second research project is focused on the capture, processing and reproduction of the acoustics of real or virtual spaces. The problems addressed are the following:

  •     audio capture for navigation in a sound space with 6 degrees of freedom, with total freedom of movement and orientation in the space.
  •     simulation of volumetric acoustics, to add virtual sources or modify the acoustics of a place
  •     simultaneous heterogeneous renderings, to combine broadcast methods with variable characteristics


Our software is published under open source licenses such as GPL and LGPL (Blender addons, video mapping, audio spatialization and low latency streaming engine).

iX 2019 - EiS workshop from Metalab | SAT

6DoF Navigation of Ambisonics Sound Field Sources from Metalab | SAT