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Downtown Screenings Under the Stars in Place de la Paix

09 Jun au 08 Sep 2015
Place de la Paix
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For the tenth year in a row, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] presents its free outdoor film series Downtown Screenings Under the Stars, in Place de la Paix, in collaboration with the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership and the borough of Ville-Marie. Every Tuesday at 9 p.m., from June 9 to September 8 (excluding June 23), film lovers are invited to enjoy one of 13 free films. Each week, a local film organization will host Montreal’s most eclectic and adventurous outdoor film series./p>

Highlights include a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the classic movie Back to the Future by Robert Zemeckis, presented by the SPASM festival of off beat genre films. The Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) will screen a film that was a big hit at the Sundance and Berlin festivals in 2014, 20 000 Days on Earth by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, which shows 24h in the life of the artist Nick Cave. Film POP will present a rare 16 mm screening of the french version of Pinball Summer (a.k.a. Pick-Up Summer), the saucy Quebec-made summer romp that marked George Mihalka’s filmmaking debut. Cinémania, the festival of French-language films, will present the biggest hit from its most recent edition, Clouds of Sils Maria, directed by Olivier Assayas and starring Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart. The Festival du Nouveau Cinema (FNC) will show Kings of the wind & the Electronic Queen by Gaspard Kuentz and Cédric Dupire, a true feat to be felt and experienced, that takes us to an anarchic happening in the form of a celebration of the impossible, destined to ecstasy. In addition to movie nights, the Orchestre de la Francophonie, in residence at the SAT this summer, will perform a special open-air concert on Thursday, June 18!

Once gain this summer, starting June 30, Skate Jam Tuesdays will precede the screenings at 6 pm. After each week’s screening, Espace SAT will also present special events with a musical programme.

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Screenings : 9pm to 11pm
Free admission - Open to all (at the place de la Paix)
Locate the place de la Paix :

In case of rain, screenings will be moved to the ground floor of the SAT (1201 St-Laurent).
18 years and over if the event is inside.

Summer calendar

Tuesday June 9
Outstanding short films selection !
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Surprise programme... to discover on the spot!

Tuesday June 16
20 Feet from Stardom
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Presented by the Black Film Festival Montreal

  • Version : French
  • Director : Morgan Neville
  • Country : USA
  • Duration : 90 min
Thursday June 18
Concert in the Park
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Tuesday June 30
Retour vers le futur
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Presented by the Festival SPASM

  • Version : French
  • Director : Robert Zemeckis
  • Country : USA
  • Duration : 116 min
Tuesday July 7
L'arcade des cinglés (Pinball Summer)
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Presented by Film POP

  • Version : French
  • Director : George Mihalka
  • Country : Canada
  • Duration : 97 min
Tuesday July 14
20,000 Days on Earth
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Presented by the Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal (RIDM)

  • Version : English (french subtitles)
  • Director : Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard
  • Country : Royaume-Uni
  • Duration : 97 min
Tuesday July 21
The Incredible Adventure of Jojo
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Presented by Fantasia Festival

  • Version : English (french subtitles
  • Director : Brian Schmidt
  • Country : USA
  • Duration : 86 min
Tuesday July 28
Revisiting Kino Kabaret 2014 Selection
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Presented by Kino Montréal

  • Versions : French
  • List of films and directors :
    • Dans les veines, Katia M Briand
    • Le truck, Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers
    • Hubert en colère, Ara Ball
    • La-créature-de-par-delà-l'antre-de-l'abération, David Baril
    • Il faut sauver Geneviève Brouillette, de Francis Fortin
    • Vieux steak, Hughes Provencher
    • Pepperoni arsenic, Simon Beaupré
Tuesday August 4
Kanehsatake, 270 ans de résistance
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Presented by the Festival Présence autochtone and the ONF

  • Version : French
  • Director : Alanis Obomsawin
  • Country : Canada
  • Duration : 119 min
Tuesday August 11
Best-of D15
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Presented by Dérapage

  • Versions : French
  • List of films and filmmakers :
    • La voix de la cécité, Myshel
    • Office Paint, Annie Amaya
    • Sombrer, Myriam Obin
    • YlangYlang - Strange Daze, Guillaume Vallée
    • Zig Zag Zurich, Laura Knoops
    • Bureau, Carol Ann Belzil Normand
    • Transit, Julien Chelles
    • Untitled 014, Matt Abbiss
    • Molinari Mouvement, Alvaro Marinho
    • Moose, Jannie Lahaie
    • Kyo, Robert Chrétien
    • Frétillements, Philippe Dionne Bussières
    • Blast!burgh, TiND
    • O. Reutersvärd + Tortoise, Daniel Faubert
    • OLDUVAI, Owen Kirby
    • WZ.01, Francis Pineau + Sébastien Lafleur
    • Drawn, Mélanie Martin
    • PROMED part 1, Johann Baron Lanteigne
    • MVCRiBA, Mr. Saboteur
    • Ajust Your Tracking, Marianne Carpentier
    • Sans titre, Marie-France Thibault
    • Hapag, Maxim Boisseau
    • Mobile, Charlotte Rudelle
    • The Point Of The Iceberg, Juliette Forster
    • The Cat Awakens, Jocelyn Leduc
    • Persona, Laurie Larue
    • Green, Matt Abbiss
    • GOLF, Sébastien Roy
    • A Free Lunch, Max Woodward
    • Refoulement, Carol Ann Belzil Normand
    • Ignition, Jérôme Gagnon
    • [Re]transmit001, Hubert R. De Roy
    • Sketchbook, Charles Desmarais
    • JUMPERWIRE, Pica Magazine
    • 0.656.0, Joëlle Marchildon
    • Sore, Karolane Sigouin
    • Liquid Lab, Jennylie Harel
    • Sur La Dérape, Jennylie Harel
Tuesday August 18
Clouds of Sils Maria
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Presented by Cinémania

  • Version : English (french subtitles)
  • Director : Olivier Assayas
  • Country : France / Suisse / Allemagne
  • Duration : 123 min
Tuesday August 25
Entre ciel et terre : Quand le Hip-Hop devient art
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Presented by the Festival International du Film sur l'Art (FIFA)

  • Version : French
  • Director : Eric Ellena
  • Country : France / Germany
  • Duration : 60 min
Tuesday September 1
Everyday Rebellion
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Presented by Cinema Politica

  • Version : Multiple languages (french subtitles)
  • Director : Arman T. Riahi and Arash Riahi
  • Country : Switzerland / Austria
  • Duration : 112 min
Tueaday September 8
Kings of the Wind & Electric Queens
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Presented by Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC)

  • Version : Hindi (french subtitles)
  • Director : Gaspard Kuentz and Cédric Dupire
  • Country : France
  • Duration : 56 min

Production partners

Presented by the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] and the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacle,
with the collaboration of borough of Ville-Marie.

Media partner

Each week, our projection partner will be invited to the radio show Le 4 à 6 at CIBL!