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TouchDesigner Intermediate Workshop: Shaders, Optimization & Interaction

03 & 04 août 2019



In this intensive 12 hour intermediate workshop over one weekend, participants will start playing with different types of shaders (pixel, vertex, and, to a lesser extent, geometry) in order to understand and use several techniques, will learn how to optimize their work and will acquire the necessary skills for working with Kinect depth data.

TouchDesigner is internationally known as a tool of choice when producing high level interactive visual experiences, and this workshop will start delving into the skills crucial in that context.


Created by the Toronto-based Derivative, TouchDesigner is a platform for the development of generative, interactive, programmed and performative visuals. Offering tools for creating interactive media systems, architectural projection mapping, live visuals for music, or still simply quick prototypes for creative projects, TouchDesigner’s versatility and its active user community have made it one of the most used software for creating digital, interactive, performative or media art, by independent artists as well as by companies creating large scale productions such as Moment Factory or nVoid.

At the SAT, TouchDesigner has been used to create performances such as ObE, Dromos, Entropia or Créatures.


  • Learn to configure a developer environment ;
  • Learn how to use pixel shaders : general principles, GLSL, texture and samplers, generative design, blend modes, fractals, simulation, and more ;
  • Learn how to use vertex shaders : tessellation, rasterization, applied mathematics for 3D, 3D reflections/refractions, texture baking, instancing, and more ;
  • Use mathematics ;
  • Discover geometry shaders and how they can be used for visualizing Kinect point cloud data in 3D ;
  • Learn how to implement a Game of Life project using pixel shaders ;
  • Learn how to create a generative landscape with vertex shaders ;
  • Learn how to record and playback Kinect data and change the visuals of point cloud data ;
  • Get a preview of advanced TouchDesigner tools and particules.



He is a solutions architect at Moment Factory, and responsible of the different research and development projects, as well as of the development of the X-Agora platform. After working as main programmer on the Nine Inch Nails - Lights In The Sky project, and the Sagrada Familia show, notably, he developed an expertise in the field of 3D programing and video mapping.



  • Laptop (Windows 7 SP1 and up; macOS 10.11 and up) with TouchDesigner 099 installed, (free on Derivative's website) - please check the system requirements to make sure your computer can run the software ;
  • A 3-button mouse ;
  • A USB thumb drive.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the required material.


Having successfully completed the Generative Visuals - TouchDesigner Intro workshop, or have a practical understanding and experience with these tools and techniques in TouchDesigner :

  • Using the user interface ;
  • Know how to use the following operators : TOP, CHOP, SOP, DAT, COMP ;
  • Know how to integrate video, images and basic 3D geometry ;
  • Know how to use basic mathematics ;
  • Know how to use OSC, MIDI or ArtNet to connect to other software and external control interfaces ;
  • Be familiar with how to integrate interactive control interfaces such as Kinect (camera), Leap Motion (hand movement) or other types of controllers in a TouchDesigner project.


Length: 12 hours
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, August 3 and 4, from 10 AM to 5 PM
Language of instruction: English*
Instructor: Quentin Bleton
Training type: Hands-on workshop
Registration deadline: July 26, 2018

*The instructor is bilingual and can answer questions asked in French.

Workshop fees

  • Standard rate: 245.00 $ (tax not applicable) 
  • Artist* or student**: 210.00 $ (tax not applicable) 

Alternatively, you can also register for both the TouchDesigner workshop intro + this intermediate TouchDesigner workshop, as part of our TouchDesigner intensive series, at a special rate :

  • Standard rate: 430.00 $ (tax not applicable)
  • Artist* or student**: 375.00 $ (tax not applicable)

Web service fees applicable for online transactions.

* For the “artist” rate, please send us a link to your portfolio or artist cv before registering; we will send you a promo code that you can then apply to your workshop fees.
** For the “student” rate, please show a valid student ID at the first session of the workshop or send us a digital version by email after registering.


Do not hesitate to contact at CAMPUS SAT – JEUNESSE for any questions.

You can register for workshops online anytime, or at the SAT box office one hour before events. The box office is also open from 5 PM to 8 PM on days during which immersive shows are presented in the Satosphere.
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