The SAT launches the Third season of Interface[s] Montréal on January 22nd

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Montréal, December 13 2007 - The Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is pleased to announce the beginning of the third season of Interface[s] Montréal Digital Meets Business, with a conference on Digital Animation and Effects to be held at the SAT on January 22nd from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.

Interface[s] Montréal proposes a series of meetings geared towards the exploration of the latest trends in digital and creative technologies, while casting a watchful eye on the use of the same digital interfaces across diversified fields of activity. The objective of Interface[s] Montréal events is to identify and mobilize horizontal links, stimulate cross-sector collaboration and accelerate local innovation cycles in order to improve their international scope. For attendees, Interface[s] Montréal represents an exceptional opportunity to further their networking initiatives, business development and professional development, as well as improve the visibility of their products and services.

With financial support from the Ministère du Développement Économique, de l'Innovation et des Exportations (MDEIE), this season includes 7 demo-conferences hosted by more than 35 expert speakers. This event will be held at the outstanding facilities of the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], an environment designed to generate contacts and stimulate discussion.

Overview of the 2008 Programme

22 JAN - Digital Animation and Effects : Realizing the Imaginary, Re-imagining the Real
19 FEB - Networked Spaces and Systems : Interlinking Spaces
11 MAR - Mobility : The Nomadic Lifestyle
08 AVR - Gaming : New Frontiers in Gaming
29 AVR - Visualization : Intelligent Imaging
27 MAY - Digital audio and music : Immersion and Control of Sonic Content
10 JUNE - Immersion : From Inside the Illusion

The first two editions of Interface[s] Montréal were exceptional for their economic and artistic benefits as well as their media exposure. They also enabled the creation of links between the various industrial and cultural sectors, while contributing to the growth of strategic alliances and business partnerships. Through informal exchanges, more than 1000 participants from various sectors of activity came to realize that the research initiatives of one may provide enhancements to a solution developed by the other.

The success of the past editions serves to confirm that collaboration between producers from the various sectors is not only necessary but essential to the development of Montréal’s expertise network.

Demo-Conferences environment

This year, Interface[s] Montréal will be presenting a series of exceptional gatherings highlighted by the quality of invited experts and the interactive and dynamic nature of the events. Each event is divided into three phases (presentations, debate or exchanges, networking buffet) designed to optimize cross-sector synergies.

The demo-conferences will be filmed in their entirety, and a week later, made available via the video archives section of the Interface[s] Montréal Website. To date, our catalogue contains more than 30 hours of videos, all accessible at

A Directory of Original Digital Expertise

The efforts to create innovative collaborations will be maintained through the online directory of digital interface expertise. The directory, where businesses and organizations will be categorized according to the type of digital interfaces they develop as opposed to the industry sectors they represent, will enable the continuation of cross-sector interaction and networking.

To buy your tickets or for more information on Interface[s] Montréal, please visit or call (514) 844.2033 – ext. 207.

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