Club SAT — DJ Stingray 313 • Felix Patry • Esther Côté


DJ Stingray 313

Hailing from Detroit, DJ Stingray 313 has been an established figure in electro and techno since his early days, renowned for his dark, dystopian sound. His Urban Tribe project is a testament to his conceptual genius and ability to anticipate trends. Always in search of something new, DJ Stingray 313 continues to develop his own sound, constantly seeking new inspirations and aesthetics to make his sets and productions unique.

Felix Patry

Félix Patry, originally from Montreal, establishes himself as an essential DJ on the music scene in Montreal. Emerging from the Rap club culture, Felix has gradually ransition into the world of electronic music. As the founder of the event series 'HOMEby6,' he not only moves the turntables but is also the meticulous architect of your next rave experience. His unique style skillfully blends Techno, break, and House, while retaining an unmistakable imprint of the Hip-hop world. Félix is set to unveil his very first E.P. in the near future, promising an immersive journey into his ever-evolving musical universe.

Esther Côté

Esther Côté is a central figure in Montreal's electro club scene, celebrated for her masterful blending of diverse musical influences. She skillfully combines the gritty, rhythmic sounds of post-punk, the precision of minimal techno, and the unpredictable rhythms of breakbeats. Her music captures a broad spectrum of emotions, from the light and ephemeral to the intense and shadowy. Esther’s performances are immersive, guiding her audience through a richly textured musical landscape that feels both intimate and vast.
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