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Rouge Mékong

02 au 16 Apr 2015
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First showcased in 2013 as part of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, the SAT and the Lebovitz collective are proud to announce an additional series for the show Rouge Mékong. Rouge Mékong embraces immersive film, performance, poetry and music in a tale that blends fact and fiction and the past and present. In this immersive experience, Sarah Lebovitz leaves behind her loved ones in America to travel through Asia. A photographer and writer, this complex, independent woman explores love, freedom and her inability to commit in a fragile world built around fleeting encounters.

Once we enter the Satosphere, we find ourselves in Sarah’s room whose quiet, dreamy atmosphere was inspired by the work of Wong Kar-Wai and Sophie Call. We become voyeurs as we search the premises and discover the woman’s letters, photos, music, loves and memories. Suddenly, though, the room transforms, revealing the people and stories at the heart of the real Sarah Lebovitz story....

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A menu will be also proposed at the Foodlab in addition of each screening.

2 to 16 april
Tuesday to friday - Satosphere (3rd floor)

Two representations per evening : 7pm & 8:15pm
Length : 50 min

Immersive experience + Dinner at Labo culinaire (5pm to 10pm) : 53$ + taxes + tips
menu : Fried egg salad + Pork chop ( tamarind, lemongrass, rice and greens ) + Coconut milk rice

Tickets available online, at La Vitrine (2, Sainte-Catherine Street East) and at the SAT from tuesday to friday, 5pm to 8:30pm.

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About Lebovitz collective

The Lebovitz collective wants to create immersive and participative universes. Lebovitz links cinema and technology to tell tales where all the directions are solicited.

Lebovitz wants to create a singular bond between the audience and the story. The collective wants to touch and provoke thanks to the construction of stories which raise universal questionings.

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Creation credits

Based on an original idea by Françoise Lavoie-Pilote, Rouge Mékong was designed and produced by the Collectif Lebovitz (Françoise Lavoie-Pilote, Marc-André Baril, Daryl Hubert, Guillaume Arseneault, Aude Beauchamp-Bourdeau, Isabelle Caron, Mathieu Cloutier and Sarah Septembre) by the talent and the support of many artists and collaborators.

As part of a residency at the Société des arts technologiques [SAT], Rouge Mékong is a co-production by SAT and the Collectif Lebovitz presented during the Festival du nouveau cinéma.