First release of NDI2shmdata !

We’re proud to announce the first release of the NDI2shmdata tool! It enables the sharing of live video streams among NDI-compliant software and devices with shmdata, the library to share streams of framed data (including video) between application with no latency .

We would like to thank Julien Brun and the scènes ouvertes team for their interest in this tool during the telepresence workshop at the École nationale de théâtre du Canada.

Here follows a list of Metalab open source software compatible with shmdata (and accordingly with NDI):

  • splash, a multiprojector mapping software
  • switcher, a multichannel low latency streamer through NAT
  • scenic & scenes ouvertes, a network of art venues in Quebec
  • bibliolab, a software for telepresence among public libraries

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