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Jeux Symphoniques (Zack Settel)

25 fév 2018

During its residency at the Gaité Lyrique, Zack Settel experimented with a new feature we added to SCENIC: remote temporal synchronization.

This residency included initial streaming tests for the Jeux Symphoniques project, using the SCENIC software. In the following video a musically synchronized test stream consisting of 14 instruments is sent from the SAT in Montreal to the Gaité Lyrique in Paris. Each track represented by a piano-roll like graphic, displaying phrase boundaries and intensities of each instrument. An additional synchronized video stream is provided for musical synchronization (fixed delay, corresponding to musical durations, based on tempo).

SCENIC provides system-wide synchronization, allowing for bidirectional streaming of musically synchronous audio. Tested, but not shown in the video, were other configurations, including the reception of a 48 channel uni-directional stream (Mtl->Paris), and a bidirectional streaming test: 16 audio channels from Montreal to Paris, and visa versa.

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Jeux Symphoniques music streaming tests Feb.2018 from zack settel on Vimeo.