La série SIMULCAST 1.0b

La série SIMULCAST 1.0b : Saskatoon se poursuit cette semaine avec sept web-émissions nocturnes de “Big Time Crash Bang 2008”

La série SIMULCAST 1.0b: Saskatoon se poursuit cette semaine avec sept webémissions nocturnes de “Big Time Crash Bang 2008” de GX Jupitter-Larsen.

Sept nuits, du 7 au 15 avril, du coucher jusqu’au lever du soleil (heure de Saskatoon, UTC -6)

Cliquez ici http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/TransmissionArts.mp3.m3u pour syntoniser la webémission

Big Time Crash Bang 2008
In the 1980’s, whenever I wanted to create an all-night broadcast using only a single sound, I would take a long tape-loop and play it through multiple playback heads. This technique always provided a seamless sound sculpture. For SIMULCAST 1.0b: Saskatoon, I did something different. Instead of using analog based repetition, I took a short recording of 40 seconds and digitally stretched it into a single ten hour long wave form. The original recording was that of an auto accident, which is a favourite sound source of mine. The resulting effect is very much like ceaseless grinding. Which also happens to be a favourite of mine.

SIMULCAST 1.0b : Saskatoon is curated by Emmanuel Madan, produced by PAVED Art + media in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and webcast from the site of free103point9

Pour plus d’information, visitez http://www.pavedarts.ca/ & http://www.free103point9.org/

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