Linux Audio Conference 2019 | Société des arts technologiques

Linux Audio Conference 2019

26 mar 2019

Our recent progress with the SATIE, vaRays and our haptic floor prototype are presented to the Linux Audio Conference 2019. We are happy to keep contact with our community, as well as visiting the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at the Stanford University. Kudos to Michał S̃eta for the presentation sprint composed of papers and his piece Fadeferra.

Our first published paper describes recent developments in SATIE and vaRays that provides Rendering of Heterogeneous Spatial Audio Scenes, allowing the creation of immersive audio with several spatial audio technologies, speaker systems and headphones.

The second paper describes A Scalable Haptic Floor Dedicated to Large Immersive Space : our prototype targeting a larger haptic floor for the Satosphère. In this paper we also describe our preliminary works regarding the content authoring for this future large and multiuser floor, when possibly included in an already large immersive audiovisual space.