Generative visuals - TOUCHDESIGNER intro

04 & 05 nov 2017

Inscription 18 +

This 12-hour long workshop, given in two parts, introduces participants to the basics of creating interactive visuals with TouchDesigner. This Canadian software is internationally known as a reference when producing high level interactive visuals.

Participants will learn the software’s interface, discover its different tools, how to use video, images and 3D geometry, how to use mathematics, and will touch on the integration of interactive control interfaces, all through various practical exercises and small projects. An intermediate course will also be offered in the Winter-Spring season for participants in the introductory course that wish to take their practice further.


Created by the Toronto-based Derivative, TouchDesigner is platform for the development of generative, interactive, programmed and performative visuals. Offering tools for creating interactive media systems, architectural projection mapping, live visuals for music, or still simply quick prototypes for creative projects, TouchDesigner’s versatility and its active user community have made it one of the most used software for creating digital, interactive, performative or media art, by independant artists as well as by companies creating large scale productions such as Moment Factory.

At the SAT, TouchDesigner has been used to create performances such as ObE, Dromos, or Entropia.


  • Learn the user interface ;
  • Discover the family of operators ;
  • Use video, images and 3D geometry ;
  • Use mathematics ;
  • Learn to intergrate interactive control interfaces such as Kinect (camera), Leap Motion (hand movement) or other types of controllers ;
  • Use OSC, MIDI or ArtNet to connect to other software and external control interfaces ;
  • Discover examples of creative productions using the software ;
  • Learn through exercises and small projects.



He’s a new media artist, co-founder of Création Ex Nihilo (interactive art, immersion, AI, app, mapping, 3D; Nuit Blanche, MUTEK, PQDS, SAT, Place-des-arts). He was until 2016 the technical lead for the Society for Arts and Technology’s Satosphere and is now technical director for research and development at Moment Factory. He has more than 15 years of experience in digital art and is continually honing his skills by learning new innovative software and technologies, such as TouchDesigner, and by taking part in various types of projects.

See his web site


  • PC laptop with Windows 7 or higher, or Mac laptop under Bootcamp* with Windows 7 or higher ;
  • Graphics card / System configuration : the computer’s graphics card should be equivalent to these or better, with the latest drivers installed, and with a minimum of 512MB of GPU memory : NVIDIA or ATI/AMD Radeon, AMD Radeon HD 6000 or recent AMD FirePro card, NVIDIA Geforce 8000 or recent Quadro card, NVIDIA Geforce 9800, Quadro 1400, Radeon 5000 series ;
  • A 3-button mouse ;
  • A USB thumb drive ;
  • TouchDesigner installed, version 88 or more recent (free on Derivative's website).

Quardo NVS card are not supported (more spec details on TouchDesigner’s website and on the TouchDesigner wiki).

* We recommend you test the software’s compatibility and performance with you rcomputer if you’re using a Mac running a bootcamp version of Windows. Mac computer graphics cards are not all supported, depending on the computer. According to TouchDesigner, the software’s functions aren’t all supported by intergrated graphics cards (such as the Intel HD4000 and HD5000 on certain Macbooks) and the software’s performance will not be as good as with other types of cards.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the required material.


Have some experience and knowledge related to having created an interactive or digital arts project.


Length : 12 hours
Dates : Saturday and Sunday, November 4-5, 9 AM to 4 PM (includes a 1 hour lunch break)
Language : English
Instructor : Guillaume Bourassa
Training type : Hands-on workshop
Registration deadline : November 4, 2017

Workshop fees

  • Standard rate : 245.00 $ (tax not applicable) - Register
  • Artist* or student** : 210.00 $ (tax not applicable) - Register

Web service fees applicable for online transactions.

* For the “artist” rate, please send us a link to your portfolio or artist cv before registering; we will send you a promo code that you can then apply to your workshop fees.
** For the “student” rate, please show a valid student ID at the first session of the workshop or send us a digital version by email after registering.


If you have any questions, please contact us :

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