Special Projects for Youth

Special projects at Campus SAT for youth offer an educational model at the crossroad between science, technology, society and art.

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Our Special Projects program serves thousands of youth participants each year.

To be proactive, while remaining critical, are essential values when approaching the digital universe to encourage our children and teenagers to grow and shape their place in the 21st century. The educational activities brought forward in this model encourage youth not to be simple consumers of technology, but to become true creators of original content. By sparking interest and awakening curiosity, our activities encourage a proactive use of technology in everyday life, while developing artistic skills and knowledge.


Ateliers_special projects s'appelle Radicart

RADICART- A teenage group determined to enrich the city with art

In collaboration with the Théâtre Bluff Antioche, RadicART is an installation created by a team of young artists from Mont-De-La-Salle high school and the artist Sébastien Lafleur from the SAT. This collaborative artwork is inspired by issues of integration and radicalization among youth. By turning perceptions around, the project aims to raise public awareness about the subject and create a harmonious and supportive community. Combining video, sculpture, and light, the construction of this multimedia installation work allowed young artists to learn about video production and editing, photography, 3D modeling, and sculpture.
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Atelier_projets speciaux_fete du quartier

Block party – Montreal’s 375th anniversary

"Crossing a wall to build bridges" is a popular and artistic education project in schools in the Ville-Marie district. In the winter of 2017, neighborhood students had the chance to discover live video creation and create an ephemeral "tape art" mural ( Tape art consists of creating works from adhesive tape of different type ). The week of workshops ended with a history activity on the myths and realities surrounding the Jacques-Cartier Bridge.
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Jeunesse_projets speciaux_visites csdm_etudiants vuent video immersif

Visits and school projects with the CSDM

For six years, the collaboration between Campus SAT and the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) has been offering students and teachers the chance to participate in creative digital media workshops and to visit the SAT, inspiring the next generation of creators/researchers. The discovery and creation workshops in VJing particularly allow students to experiment with real-time video mixing. By supporting the development of schools connected to current and emerging culture, we offer students educational experiences that go beyond the traditional curriculum. In addition, through projects related to their interests, we favour the success of young people by updating the way they view their school, while offering new opportunities to express the full potential of their talents.
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atelier_jeunesse_projets speciaux_Lumifest

Campus SAT @ Lumifest

As part of Lumifest, Campus SAT offered creative workshops at the Vieux-Longueuil fire station about video art creation. The activities took place between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., and aimed to introduce youth and adults to experimenting with VJing and stop motion.
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Atelier_projets speciaux_journee_techno

The SAT Family Technology Day

The SAT, in partnership with Accès culture, opened its doors to children, teenagers, and their families on October 21, November 4, and December 17, 2017. Between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., guided by our friendly hosts, participants enjoyed interactive digital kiosks, projections in the dome, and meetings with artists, all for free.
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Atelier_projets speciaux_Fête “techno dansante” à l’école Cardinal-Léger

Dance party at Cardinal-Léger school in the borough of Anjou

In collaboration with the borough of Anjou, introductory digital creation workshops were offered to students in grades 5 and 6 at École Cardinal-Léger, as part of the Cultural Mediation Program for Montreal boroughs. Through this project, the students discovered live video creation (VJing) and were able to create their own visuals used during a dance party before the holiday break.
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projets speciaux Parcours en réalité augmentée à l’exposition du bédéiste Michel Hellman

Augmented reality tour with cartoonist Michel Hellman

A group of youth from the maison de la culture de Côte-des-Neiges learned how to create animations inspired by drawings from the comic book artist Michel Hellman, who conceived a series of drawings of the Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood. The animations created by the youth were exhibited in an augmented reality circuit which was open to the public during Michel Hellman’s exhibit.
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Ateliers_projets spéciaux pour jeunesse

Frédéric Back and augmented reality

An augmented reality course in Frédéric-Back Park, carried out by 4 classes from 2 CSDM primary schools (Saint-Albert-le-Grand and Saint-Jean-de-Matha). This is an original project of Campus SAT, the educational component of the Society for Technological Arts, in collaboration with TOHU and Une école montréalaise pour tous, which combines environmental awareness and technological art. Following a first workshop given by TOHU, which presented the organizations involved, the artist Frédéric Back as well as the park's ecology, the young people had the opportunity to learn about stop-motion animation. image during a workshop provided by Campus SAT.
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Create a circus

A telepresence event organized with TOHU and the Jacques et Michel Auger Arts Center. Two teams, one in Victoriaville and the other in Montreal, shared the stage of a circus creating a live performance using telepresence technology. In the form of a collaborative game, the workshop invited young participants to imagine together the scenes of a short film on the theme of the circus. Using stop-motion animation techniques and simple, identical props in both locations, the young creators discovered the creative possibilities of telepresence.
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