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Formations audio Ableton Live

Audio Creation

Audio Creation + Ableton Live
Introduction to audio creation using Ableton Live software, one of the most widely used in the music scene for both live performance and composition.
Formation Intro au DJing

Audio Creation

Intro to DJing
An introduction to the concepts and techniques of DJing.
Formations synthesiteurs

Audio Creation

Intro to synthesizers
This course is for anyone who wants to master the world of synthesizers - from beginners to advanced. The aim is to develop your creativity by gaining a better understanding of how these musical tools work in many formats.
Formations audio mixage mastering

Audio Creation

Mixing and Mastering
This training is for anyone who has created music and is wondering why the end result doesn't sound like the tracks released by their favorite artists.
Formation Creation Visuelle immersif

Immersive Experience Creation

Creating immersive visual experiences
Do you want to create for domes, virtual reality headsets or adapt your 3D works for immersion? This introductory training allows participants to acquire the basics of immersive 3D visual creation in 360°.

Immersive Experience Creation

Creating immersive aural experiences
Do you want to create or adapt your audio content for immersive broadcast contexts? This training allows participants to acquire the basic notions of immersive sound creation for different loudspeaker devices, with a particular emphasis on multi-directional spatialization for domes and installations.
Formations réalité virtuelle

Immersive Experience Creation

Creating interactive virtual reality in 3D
This training will introduce to the creation of interactive virtual reality experiences using 3D environment software.

Immersive Experience Creation

Interactive art with Arduino
Introduction to creating physical and digital interactive projects using the Arduino platform.
Formation intro TouchDesigner

Visual Creation

Generating visuals - TouchDesigner
Practical, hands-on training in interactive visual creation with TouchDesigner.
Formations l'art generatif avec Blender

Visual Creation

Video compositing - After Effects
Training on the use of After Effects - video compositing software.

Visual Creation

Graphics generation with Blender
Introduction to the different functionalities of Blender. Through the process of creating a project, students use tools and renderings to create a format for traditional platforms.

Visual Creation

Mapping - MadMapper
This training introduces participants to the different creative and projection strategies for video mapping using various practical exercises.

Creating Telepresence

Intro to creating a telepresence experience with Scenic
Introduction to creating a telepresence experience, a technology that allows you to create an event or a project between several places simultaneously.
Formations Initiation à la création en téléprésence avec Scenic

Creating Telepresence

My first project creating a telepresence experience with Scenic
A 3-hour training to master the artistic, technical and logistical challenges of a telepresence project using the Scenic station.

Creating Telepresence

Technical telepresence training using Scenic
Training for technical teams to operate the Scenic station and ensure the technical coordination of a telepresence project.
formation au monde de NFT

Digital Culture

Intro to NFT for artists
A 3-hour theoretical training to learn about the crypto currency which shook the art market, the Non-Fungible Token commonly called, NFT.

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Customized trainings for groups and individuals
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