Pushing the limits of immersive technologies

SAT’s reputation as a leader in immersive technologies is based on its extensive R&D experience, which for over twenty years has been pushing the boundaries of the artistic possibilities of digital experiences. This research, addressing the themes of telepresence, collective immersion, video mapping and spatialized sound, is articulated around an ecosystem of open source software that aims to stimulate the emergence of innovative immersive experiences and make their design accessible to artists and creators of immersion. SAT’s research work has led to important innovations in immersion such as the Satosphere, the Scenic telepresence solution and the Satellite metaverse.

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Telepresence Scenic

Scenic is a new telepresence video collaboration tool that allows artists and arts presenters to meet, create and broadcast performances in multiple locations simultaneously.
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Satellite virtual space

The Satellite hub is a 3D social web immersive environment. This transdisciplinary platform aims to promote various cultural and artistic contents and to create a synergy by interconnecting them
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plancher haptique

Haptic device

The Society for Arts and Technology has developed a prototype of a haptic floor that allows you to feel vibrations and movements.
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R&D - Metalab
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R&D - Metalab
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May 18, 2023
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May 17, 2023
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Jan 17, 2022