SAT FEST 2024: Call for immersive short films

Immersive Cinema Festival

Date limite : October 22, 2023
Submission period ended
SAT Fest 2022. Fuga — Leandro Mendes. Photo: Myriam Ménard.

Created by the Society for Arts and Technology in 2012 upon the inauguration of its immersive dome, the SAT Fest has become a major event for immersive cinema.

Over the years, the SAT Fest followed what was known as an avant-garde discipline as it perfected itself and pushed new creative limits by incorporating digital design, visual arts, video games, VJing, live-coding and sound arts into new narrative forms.

The next edition will be held in 2024 in a completely renovated dome and will once again showcase emerging and established talents from the fulldome scene through a week-long program of immersive short films, previews, with the presence of local and international artists.


Awards & Prizes

Beyond official selection, several awards will be attributed to the best film in each category:

  • Excellence award
  • Originality award
  • Most innovative creation award
  • Best narrative creation award
  • Best immersive soundtrack award
  • Audience award

The projects awarded during SAT Fest will be offered an opportunity to join our compilation of SAT Fest 2024 films, screened in the Satosphere and multiple partner venues.


Submit a project

To submit a film, create a FilmFreeway account and use the submission form.

The SAT Fest is open to all kind of short artistic DOME FILMS, including:
– Animation (traditional or digital)
– Video art
– Immersive sound
– Narrative or non-narrative
– Documentary films

The SAT Fest is a FULLDOME FILM festival. Only dome short films will be considered (no VR or rectangular formats). To know more about fulldome format, please check the guide below. 

The call for immersive films is open until October 22nd, 2023. Submissions are free. 



What we are looking for

From the outset, the SAT Fest has been all about experimentation, innovation, collaboration and artistic creativity. We’re looking for short films that demonstrate an interest in and mastery of the immersive medium, while offering audiences a rich and original collective experience.

Certain categories, such as educational, scientific, corporate and youth films, are not covered by this call for submissions. However, these submissions may be considered by our jury according to their artistic relevance.

We recommend that only complete and finalized projects be submitted. Excerpts, drafts and trailers will not be considered.

Submission deadline

Registrations for SAT Fest 2024 will be open between June 15th, 2023 and October 22nd, 2023.

The selected projects will be notified during the Fall 2023.

Screening formats

  • Digital fulldome
  • Downloadable screener: 2048 x 2048 @ 30 FPS minimum
  • Selected projects will have to provide the festival a 4096×4096 image sequence @ 30 or 60 FPS. Please prepare this in advance.
  • Audio: multichannel audio is recommended (5.1 or above)


Rules and terms

The SAT Fest a FULLDOME FILM festival. Only dome short films will be considered (no VR or rectangular formats). To know more about fulldome format, please check the guide. Multichannel audio is highly encouraged. Screeners must be downloadable.

  1. Only short films (below 11 minutes) can enter the SAT Fest competition. Longer films can only be considered for a festival showcase, if relevant for the jury.
  2. Only complete and downloadable submissions (media, film, synopsis, and all relevant credits) will be considered.
  3. Films must be submitted through the FilmFreeway platform. Either by the internal options offered on the site (Vimeo, Youtube, upload up to 10GB), or by adding a direct download link in your application (avoid wetransfer). We won’t accept film submissions by email.
  4. You can submit multiple projects, each in a different application. However, only one project can be selected per applicant.
  5. Your film must have been produced after March 2022.
  6. The jury will make the selection on the basis of the files received. Also, it is strongly suggested not to submit incomplete projects.
  7. All projects awarded during the festival will be offered further screening opportunities as part of our SAT Fest 2024 film compilation, with associated screening fees.
  8. By submitting your film to SAT Fest 2022:
    • You authorize the organizers to screen the film as part of the event, as well as to use the submitted material (images, screenshots, music) as part of the promotion of the festival.
    • You certify that you have permission to submit this film, and that a festival-context screening is done in agreement with all third parties involved in its creation.
    • You certify that the work submitted to SAT Fest does not infringe the rules of copyright or the intellectual property of any third party. If your work involves AI, please make sure you include the source of the dataset used in your project.

About the SAT and its Satosphere

Society for Arts and Technology [SAT]

Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a non-profit organization dedicated to digital culture. With its triple mission as a center for the arts, training and research, the SAT is a gathering space for diverse talent, curiosity, and knowledge. It is recognized internationally for its active, leading role in developing technologies for immersive creation, mixed realities and telepresence. The Society for Arts and Technology is a place of collective learning that holds the promise of exploring technology to infuse it with more meaning, magic and humanity.


The first permanent immersive environment dedicated to artistic creation and visualization activities, this dome forms a 360° spherical projection screen. A new vehicle for the creation of tangible, all-encompassing human experiences, the Satosphere places the audience at the heart of audiovisual works.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about SAT Fest or our residency programs.

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SAT Fest 2022 - Photo: Félix Gagnon-Paquin
SAT Fest 2021 - Photo: Sébastien Roy
SAT Fest 2022 - Photo: Myriam Ménard
SAT Fest 2022 - Photo: Myriam Ménard