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The Metalab is SAT’s research laboratory for the development of technological art. It is a lively and open space where users and creative communities can interact with researchers, designers and developers. Building on the dynamic relationships between art, technology and society, the Metalab wishes to expand its role as an incubator of ideas and projects in the areas of immersion and interactivity for the coming years.

The Metalab research program is divided into three main developmental areas :

  • Immersive scenography
  • Smart interaction
  • Network experiences



The immersive scenography research projects are particularly relevant to stage related challenges using immersive and interactive systems. The goal of this research is to build immersive environments, from video material or synthesis imaging, and to promote the emergence of innovative works in both forms and substance.

The immersive scenography section includes the following development projects :

A1 - Spatial audio
A2 - Spatial video
A3 - Spherical audio-video capture
A4 - Spherical stereoscopy
A5 - Distributed scenography


Research projects in smart interaction involve the issues of interaction with smart and virtual objects and spaces. This research proposes the development of tangible interfaces and online systems enabling creative, rich and meaningful experiences.

The smart interaction component includes the following development projects :

B1 - Plateforme Posture : Téléprésence immersive
B2 - Interfaces : Objects and environments
B3 - OSC router-sequencer


The network experiences research projects are particularly relevant to issues of networking, distant collaboration/interaction and mixed realities. The objective is to provide a platform for rapid prototyping of shared 3D worlds for immersive telepresence and interactivity. This development path gives rise to applications beyond the art world, particularly in medicine, education, engineering, as well as communication.

The network experiences component includes the following development projects :

B1 - Platform Posture: Immersive Telepresence
B2 - Audio Graffiti
B3 - SPIN Editor