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Audio Creation & DJing

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn about digital audio creation and DJing. Participants will discover the concepts and techniques of sound mixing and learn how to create their own musical sequence. Participants will be introduced to various live audio performance methods. They will explore and perfect different audio creation approaches and techniques. This workshop will introduce participants to various software, controllers and mixers, including Ableton Live and Serato DJ Intro. By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned how to compose, mix and record a musical sequence.

Video Creation

Explore the art of video editing, and sound and image recording! Participants will learn all the different camera settings: contrast, brightness, white balance and the use of different video effects. Participants will learn the art of post-production like how to add titles and transitions as well as how to create video effects using a green screen.

Stop Motion Animation

Discover stop motion animation and the different techniques involved in this form of artistic expression. The participants will create personalized animations by animating objects and drawings. Participants will learn about animation concepts, tools and software. They will create fun personalized animations using a variety of media and tools. This workshop allows participants to learn various approaches related to film, including shooting, direction, lighting and set design.

3D Creation: Modeling & Animation

Discover the artistic possibilities of 3D with Blender software! Participants will learn how to make 3D images, play with shapes and animate them. Participants will learn the basics of animation, get familiar with 3D modelling and Blender software. Participants will create their own 3D model and environment.

Collaborative Work & Programming with Raspberry PI

Come discover the artistic possibilities of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer and programming! During the workshop, participants will be asked to create a collaborative work. This workshop will introduce participants to the Raspberry Pi computer and networking concepts. Participants will be introduced to programming languages Python and Processing.

Programming & Electronics with Arduino

Come discover the possibilities and uses of the Arduino microcontroller! This workshop allows you to design a light sequence. This workshop is an opportunity to get to know the electronic components. Participants will discover the possibilities of the Arduino microcontroller, a prototyping electronic circuit, and will be introduced to programming.

General Information

Training/Activity Options

Hands-on Workshops: 

These workshops are the ideal way to explore the techniques and tools of different artistic practices as a group through exercises and the realization of projects.

Exhibition Booths:

This activity option is specially designed for short periods of exploration during an event or festival by presenting different digital art disciplines to the public.

Special projects: 

It is possible to carry out tailor-made projects in line with the objectives of your group of participants and your organization. See our Special Projects page!

Consulting Services: 

Are you developing a laboratory or a digital creation program at your organization? Customized consultation and support services are available for interested organizations, contact us to find out more!

Fees and Length of Classes

2-hour Hands-on Workshop: $750

3-hour Hands-on Workshop: $950

Exhibition kiosk: for the prices of the kiosk option, please contact us.

Number of participants: 10 to 30 per workshop

Important: For workshops outside the island of Montreal, please note that additional travel costs are to be expected.

Contact us for any quote for special projects or for consulting services.


The SAT provides computers for the workshops; although it is also possible to use your organization’s computers.

Personalized Training Experiences

Our artist-instructors offer personalized services and can easily adapt the workshop curriculum to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for consulting services or custom-designed trainings.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for more information or to reserve an activity for your group!

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