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House of Technological Arts since 1996

In the heart of Montreal, the SAT is a unique place that offers the public immersive experiences in its famous dome, but also concerts, workshops, conferences, exhibitions… Hundreds of events are presented there every year.

Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a non-profit organization dedicated to digital culture. With its triple mission as a center for the arts, training and research, the SAT is a gathering space for diverse talent, curiosity, and knowledge. It is recognized internationally for its active, leading role in developing technologies for immersive creation, mixed realities and telepresence. The Society for Arts and Technology is a place of collective learning that holds the promise of exploring technology to infuse it with more meaning, magic and humanity.

“A meeting of curiosities and multiple talents, the SAT is an open creative laboratory that carries the promise of exploring technology to infuse it with more meaning, humanity and magic.“

A place dedicated to digital culture

The SAT is a place open to all audiences. It is a 44,000 square foot creative hub including an immersive dome (Satosphere), a research laboratory (Metalab), a center for creation and of artists residency, the courses and the youth workshops. It is also a festive place with a theater, a restaurant and a coffee.

A space for experimentation and collective learning, the SAT supports the emergence of new forms of creativity and encourages transdisciplinarity, the sharing of knowledge and the dissemination of digital culture in all its forms.

Discover the SAT

Since its creation in 1996, the SAT has been dedicated to the development of digital culture. It is the only place in Montreal (and probably in the world) to bring together under one roof an immersive theater (Satosphere), a research laboratory, a training center, a venue, a café and a restaurant.



The Satosphere is the first immersive theater dedicated to artistic creation. It forms a spherical projection screen that invites artists to explore new conceptual territories. With its dome 18 meters in diameter and 13 meters high, its 8 video projectors and its 157 loudspeakers, the Satosphere places the public at the heart of the audiovisual experience.



The SAT’s gastronomic experience. Culinary creations elaborated in open kitchens celebrate local Quebec products. Reservations available for groups.



Metalab is the research and development laboratory of the SAT. Its mission is twofold: to stimulate the emergence of innovative immersive experiences and to make their design accessible to immersion artists through an ecosystem of open-source software.


SAT Space

An avant-garde urban space open to artists, organizations and promoters for the presentation of innovative and original projects in music and digital art.


SAT Campus

With an educational model at the crossroads of technology and art, the SAT offers a program of evening classes and training for adults, as well as creative workshops and day camps for kids and teens.


Artist’s residency

The creation program at the SAT helps bring out new forms of digital creativity. The artists in residence benefit from artistic and technical support, in addition to the equipment of the SAT. Since its foundation, more than 180 immersive works have been created at the SAT.

SAT, 25 years of creativity

Discover the history of the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], a pioneer of digital arts in Montreal.

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The SAT provides artists, artist collectives, associations and private companies with a multipurpose space available for rent.
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Management team

  • Jenny Thibault : General and Artistic Director
  • Dominic Paquin : Director of Operations
  • Alexandre Auché : Director of Programming
  • Véronique Paradis : Director of Innovation and Training

Conseil d'administration

  • Monique Savoie: Founder of the SAT
  • Mouna Andraos : New media artist, Co-founder Daily tous les jours
  • Vincent Chaurette : Lawyer at Fasken
  • Jo-Anne Hudon Duchesne : Director of Operations Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Foundation
  • Nassib El-Husseini : Executive Director of the 7 fingers of the hand collective
  • Sébastien St-Hilaire : Placement advisor, Valeur mobilières Desjardins
  • Frederic Latreille : Associate YUL Ventures
  • Jacques A. DeGuise : Director, Imaging and Orthopaedics Research Laboratory (IOL)
  • Jean-Paul Gagné : journalist by profession and company director
  • Rhyna Thompson : Founder and President / Producer and Artist Manager, Envision Management and Productions
  • Claude Lévis : Advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI), observer of the Scientific Committee for the Ministry

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