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Art Creation Program

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The Art Creation Program at the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is open to artists and scientists interested in issues related to exploratory research in the fields of digital media and ground-breaking artistic creation. The chosen creative projects will be directly linked with the SAT’s immersion, interaction and networking research program; they’ll build on not only the technologies and processes developed at the SAT, but also on the uses enabled by these technologies and processes. The creative projects will also stimulate and enrich the SAT’s programming and the wider offering in digital art.

The SAT’s research-creation approach is transdisciplinary and transprofessional: it encourages all disciplines, know-hows, and abilities, to contribute to the evolution of creative processes leading to strong and original artworks. Each project is unique and must contribute to the emergence of exemplary forms of digital culture and develop the economy that will enable the growth of a strong and structured creative class that can shine internationally. Lastly, the SAT’s Art Creation Program encourages the creators-in-residence to get in touch and be attuned with our time’s major issues and challenges.


  • Sound Spatialisation ;
  • Immersive Imaging ;
  • Interactive installations ;
  • Networked Set Design ;
  • Collaborative Virtual Space ;
  • Ambient Intelligence.

Contact info

Joseph Lefèvre, Director creation & residencies

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or by phone at 514-844-2033 ext 214.