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Founded in 1996, the Society for Arts and Technology [SAT] is a non-profit organization recognized internationally for its active, leading role in developing immersive technologies, virtual reality and creative use of high-speed networks. With its double mission as a centre for the arts and research, SAT was created to support a new generation of creators/researchers in the digital age.

A gathering place for diverse intelligence, curiosity, knowledge and talent, the Society for Arts and Technology is a live creative laboratory whose unconventional experiences bring together the tangible and the unexpected.

Within its 4 400m2 premises one can find the Satosphere, a permanent modular dome, dedicated to the development and presentation of 360° immersive experiences. With a diameter of 18 meters and height of 13 meters, filled with 157 speakers, this unique equipment complements the studios and workshops housed inside the SAT.

The SAT has in a natural process become a space for pivotal events, where everything is possible, at once stimulating and showcasing trends in technology applied to arts and design.

SAT has an organizational model that has led it to be the first North American member to be invited to join the Open Living Labs (ENoLL) network, a European initiative regrouping more than 170 research and innovation centres all over the world, demonstrating how its activities impact social and economical spheres. 

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Interactive 3D layout of the 1st floor : Espace SAT
Plan du 1er étage
Interactive 3D layout of the 3rd floor : Satosphere, Foodlab and terrace
Plan du 1er étage


First permanent immersive environment dedicated to art creation and visualization, this dome forms a 360° spheric projection screen. New tool to create palpable and enveloping human experiences, the Satosphere places the audience at the centre of audiovisual works.

Artist residences

The artist-in-residence program at the SAT is open to creators-researchers interested in developing their project at the SAT. Selected artists take advantage of the facilities and of a group of experts in the fields of immersive, virtual and interactive environments, broadband networking, and experiential design.


Since 2002, the Metalab is the research laboratory at the Society For Ats & Technology [SAT]. This is a place where researchers, developers, designers, artists and creators interact together. The Metalab mission is to stimulate the raise of new digital practices in immersive, virtual and distributed spaces.

Campus SAT

The Campus SAT technological arts training centre welcomes students, artists and professionals, to get training in learning to use the most recent tools of numeric creation.


Research and creation space specialized in immersive environments, and equipped with a model replica of the Satophere on a reduced scale. Its team offers a creative and technical support related to the use of immersive and interactive devices, as well as to interactivity, experiential and exhibition design.

Espace SAT

Cutting-edge urban space open to artists, organisms and promotors to distribute innovative and original project in numeric arts. Space and service rental fees adapted to different needs.

Labo culinaire - Foodlab

SAT’s culinary creation lab, where chef Adrien Renaud add his personal touch to the SAT’s programme. Culinary creations developed in open kitchens in the view of the public celebrate local Quebec products. Reservations available for groups.


  • Monique Savoie : President - Founder & Artistic director of the SAT

  • Vincent Chaurette : Lawyer at BCF Avocats d'affaires / Business Law

  • Mouna Andraos : New media artist, Co-founder Daily tous les jours

  • Nicolas Bélanger : Co-Fondateur, executive director, Groupe W

  • Sébastien St-Hilaire : Placement advisor, Valeur mobilières Desjardins

  • Frederic Latreille : Associate YUL Ventures

  • Jacques A. DeGuise : Director, Laboratoire de recherche en imagerie et orthopédie (LIO)

  • Nassib El-Husseini : Directeur général du collectif les 7 doigts de la main