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Café SAT Reopening
Now also open on Sunday !

We are happy to announce that the Café SAT reopens its doors on Wednesday, June 3rd with a summer selection of takeout food and wine! Crafted by the Labo culinaire Chef Timothée Vielajus, the menu comes with an organic and natural wine list, and perfectly suits the sunny season: sandwiches, croque-monsieurs, muffins, sweet, savoury and vegetarian options... Come pick up your basket of treats to accompany your family meals at home and your picnics in the park!
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Wednesday to Sunday - 10 a.m. to 4p.m.

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Our Takeout Menu

ham from Viens and Swiss cheese - $12

Veggie pâté Sandwich,
heirloom tomatoes and homemade mustard - $11

Smoked char sandwich,
cream cheese, dill and capers - $13

Berry muffins,
sunflower cookies, pastries

Selection of organic and natural wines
(privately imported)

Microbrewery beers

Coffee & Tea

Our natural and organic wine list
(private import)


Lambrusco Fontana dei Boschi - 49$
Sparkling red wine. Ancestral method. Additives free. Organic

Noctambulles - Negondos - 49$
Quebec wine. Natural sparkling. Organic

Mosquito - Jousset - 42,50$
Natural sparkling. Organic. 100% Muscat

White Wines

Ein Liter Wien - 1L - 59$
Austria. Organic.

Matière À Discussion - Nival - 40,00 $
Quebec wine. Natural. Organic. Not filtered

Geschickt - Riesling - 2016 - 49,00 $
France - Alsace. Natural. Organic. No added sulfite

Cercanome - Tomassetti - 2017 - 52,00 $
Italy. Organic. No added sulfite

PIOS - Douro - 2018 - 33,00 $
Portugal. Organic

Rosé Wines

Rosée - Laurent Cazotte - 2015 - 36,00 $
France. Natural. Organic. 100% Jurançon Black

Pink Is Not Red - 2018 - 43,50 $
France. Organic.

L'Échappée Belle Rosé - 2018 - 50,00 $
France. Domaine du bout du monde. Natural. Organic.

Le Tre Sorelle - 2018 - 37,50 $
Italy. Organic.

Red Wines

Ça Plane Pour Toi - 2018 - 49,00 $
France. Natural. Organic. Carignan, Syrah

Calcarius - Rosso Puglia - 53,00 $
Italy, Pouilles. Organic. Biodynamic. Not filtered. Spontaneous fermentation

L'Esprit Des Terriens - Chinon - 35,00 $
France. Organic. Biodynamic.

Preisinger Kalkstein - Blaufrankish - 2018 - 43,50 $
Austria. Burgenland. Organic. Biodynamic. No added sulfite. Not filtered

Overlooking the majestic trees of Peace Park, the new Café SAT offers a choice of beverages, breakfasts, and lunches, carefully developed with regional quality products, in a friendly, bright, and stimulating atmosphere.

Professional baristas serve various coffee specialties prepared with beans from a different coffee roaster every month. Our menu showcases original cuisine comprised of regional seasonal products, distributed by attentive local producers. Our dishes and breakfasts are created on site and reveal unexpected flavours through fresh selections, from the iconic “oeuf mouillette” for breakfast, to the deconstructed smoked char toast, along with the Mouna brioche and seasonal salad variations.

NB: The Café SAT is a nonprofit, just like the SAT! Our prices are affordable, and every dollar spent is reinvested in the fees of nearly 900 artists, the salaries of 250 employees, and the honorariums of over 50 researchers and teachers.

Address : 6 Place du Marché (in front of Peace Park), Montréal

Opening Hours (June 2020) :

  • Wednesday to Saturday: open 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Sunday to Tuesday: closed